Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or treat!

I went trick or treating for the first time this Halloween. I dressed up as a koala bear and Mommy was a tree (very appropriate because of the way I cling to her). We went to four houses in a-Ma's (Daddy's Mommy) neighborhood. What fun! I was intrigued by all the lights in front of the houses and pulled Mommy around to go see. I eagerly climbed up the stairs myself, and when the residents opened the door, I took a couple of steps into the house to see if the inside was as exciting as the outside. After I got my candy, I ran around exclaiming "How-ween! How-ween!" (Halloween). I even learned how to say "M&M" even if Mommy didn't let me eat any. "Halloween" has become my new toy, as I sort and resort the candy into different bags.

All of my friends dressed up for a Halloween party the day before. Go here for more Halloween pictures.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

First Night without Mommy or Daddy

Mommy and Daddy went away for a night without me for the first time last night. My a-Ma (Daddy's Mommy) babysat, and we had a grand time, except during bedtime when a-Ma tried to put me in the crib. I screamed for Mommy, and insisted that a-Ma take me to the front gate where Mommy left me. When I didn't see her, I insisted on getting into Mommy's car. Couldn't a-Ma have driven me around until we found Mommy???! I cried for about 20 minutes until I finally passed out in a-Ma's arms. I woke up in the morning happy, and forgot how much I missed Mommy especially since a-Ma fed me potato and tortilla chips, let me watch TV, and do all sorts of things Mommy doesn't let me do. But when Mommy called a-Ma in the afternoon, I knew it was her on the phone! She was coming to get me! I got so excited that I dashed out of a-Ma's house and walked up and down the street until Mommy drove up. When I saw Mommy, I was soooo happy! I smiled so big when I saw her, and then quickly resumed my favorite activity of chasing cats.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Never a dull moment

We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum today, as I squeeze in as much fun activities as possible before the winter and cold season begins. I may have a "Why the @#$%& am I here?!" expression, but I'm really enjoying the outing as much as Matthew and Mia seem to be.

There is never a dull moment when I'm around, despite the fact that I go to school for 3 days. After I went dookie earlier this week, I reached down into the back of my pants and scooped up a thumbful on my finger to show Mommy. I don't understand why she grossed out so much. Also, I have been copying one of my favorite nursery rhymes "Five Little Monkeys" by jumping on my bed. But I actually jumped out and hit my head, just like the rhyme goes!!! Ow! No more Isabella jumping on the bed...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Building my vocabulary

I'm 21 months (21 lbs 5 oz) and I know so many words now! I understand much more than I speak, but I keep learning by repeating everything that I hear. I shocked Mommy when I even repeated the "f word" ... twice! Mommy was so horrified that she has vowed to clean up her mouth. Daddy has also peppered my vocabulary with fun words. I squeal "peesh!" (Porsche) everytime I enter our garage or see a convertible. I can never get enough of riding in that car as you can see in this video of me in the car:

I've also been pointing at my parent's, stuffed animals' and my chests and saying "booby" (i.e. breasts). For now everyone thinks it's adorable.

The two "Izzyisms" that I say all the time are:
nehmunehmunuh - give it to me!!! it's mine! i want to do this myself!
me me - hold this for me

Besides learning words, I've been busy being sick this past month. First I had such a high fever that the doctor tried to stick a catheter in me (I cried when she just said the word "catheter"; see, I understand a LOT!) and freaked out Mommy with talk of x-rays and blood tests too. I got better without those but a couple of weeks later I caught a stomach flu. I was vomiting all over myself and Mommy and getting a painful diaper rash from my diarrhea! I learned to run away from Mommy and hide in the corner since she always seemed to be chasing me with medicine of one kind or another!

I'm all better now. I started going to school three (instead of two) days a week in Sepember, still 6 hours each day. It's going well, although many of my friends "graduated" to the regular preschool and a lot of new kids started so I'm getting to know them. Can you believe that I am one of the older kids now? Time goes by fast!