Monday, January 23, 2006

First full day at Preschool

Since I’ve turned 2 years old, I have been transitioning from the Infant/Toddler program at my school to the Preschool. I have mixed feelings about this. I love all of the new challenges of the Preschool. There is more Montessori time, so I'm learning a ton with the different toys and activities. Since I share the classroom with kids up to 5 years old, I am fascinated watching the older kids, and have suddenly become interested in sitting on the potty and wearing underwear. And the best part of all - I can eat snacks whenever I want to!! I feel much more independent, more conversant and generally that I've grown up a ton ever since I started going to the Preschool. But I miss the security of the Infant/Toddler program, the big chunks of outside play time, the singing and dancing, and the friends that I’ve made who are my size. I had gotten so comfortable there that I barely even looked at Mommy when she dropped me off in the morning. Now that I'm in the Preschool, I’ve been screaming bloody murder every morning when she takes me to the school! I start crying when we're at home, and tell her I want to sleep and find Towel (my security object). She drives me to school anyway, and as we approach the door, I try to distract Mommy by making grunting sounds and saying “Dookie!” to pretend that I am having a bowel movement (my current reaction when I don't want to be somewhere). But we walk up to the school anyway, and after I cry a few minutes, I get distracted by the activities and enjoy the rest of the day. Mommy believes that I'm doing fine because I look happy at the end of the day and say "yeah" when she asks if I had fun at school. You know, I'll do whatever I can to make Mommy feel guilty for leaving me!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Save me, Daddy!

Today I surprised everyone with a first: I screamed when Mommy tried to tear me away from Daddy! Mommy's friends visited us, and I was being my usual antisocial self by running away. Mommy ignores me when she chats with her friends, while I cling to her for security. Not Daddy! Daddy takes me away from all those strangers to a quiet place, plays with me, and gives me individual attention. Why do I need to play with other people when I already have my two favorite playmates in my parents?? So when Daddy had to step away, I shrieked when Mommy took me back to her friends. I had a sour face, murmuring "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" until Daddy returned to save me again.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mommy Do!

I have started to construct mini sentences now, my favorite of which is "Mommy Do!" I say that frequently because I hate it when other people try to do stuff for me, especially when Mommy is right there. She always does things just the way I like it. It’s amazing how powerful my words are. When I speak, people listen and do! I have shooed away many people by telling them “bye bye!” and having “Mommy Do!!”

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My 2nd birthday party

For my "ha bee bee" (birthday), I had lots of my friends over to our house for a party. I love Elmo, so we had Elmo decorations, Elmo crackers, Elmo juice, and the coolest thing - the Elmo cake. Plus many of my favorite foods were served - rice crackers, sushi, goldfish, cha siu bau; I had a blast! But when it was cake time, I was pretty overwhelemd by all of the attention focused on me, and subsequently cried. My parents should have suspected that I would hate that part since I often cry when anyone emotes enthusiastically, people talk about me, or big groups sing happy birthday (I mean, there were 16 kids with their parents - what were my parents thinking?). Nonetheless, after Daddy helped me blow out the candles, I quickly forgot about the whole episode because I got to eat CHOCOLATE CAKE! This was thrilling because I only get sugary foods when Daddy sneaks it to me when Mommy isn't looking.

See more pictures from the birthday party here.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm 2!

...which means I get two birthday cakes!

Mommy had to blow out the candles for me, but after Pawpaw (Mommy's Mommy) and Yee-ma (Mommy's Sister Aunt Helen) left, I happily sang "ha bee BEE" and blew the candles over and again.

Daddy has been working very hard, but he made it home in time for my birthday cake. I was so happy that I stayed up late and had a "second" dinner with him. Truth be told, I was stalling my bedtime because I was enjoying my birthday so much. Here we are "chien chien" (cheers) with our pizza (I like to "chien chien" everything during meals).

BTW, at my two year appointment, I weighed in at 22 pounds 8 ounces (5%), and 34 inches long (50%). I am still long and skinny!

Here are more pictures from my 2nd birthday.