Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Force is Strong with this One

My parents are in bed Christmas morning when they hear me step out from my bedroom and say "Aah....Cooool!"

Not only did I get great Star Wars loot, but after many viewings of Lego Star Wars on my Daddy's iPhone, Mommy decided that I might as well watch the real original Star Wars ! My FIRST Star Wars movie!!! I loved it! Well, the parts that I saw... Mommy kept skipping big sections. I kept telling Mommy not to! I mean, I saw many of these scenes in the Lego version, right? (Although I have to admit that the second time I watched the movie, I asked to skip the trash compacter scene up through their escape from the Death Star.)

What a great Christmas!

One of Mommy's friends wonders, "How many times did you see the movie that it changed your DNA?"

Friday, December 19, 2008

"Best Place Ever" how I described Disneyland to my parents. It had "all of the stuff I like": Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars, toys! The storm on Wednesday didn't hinder my enjoyment of Peter Pan, Submarine, Tiki Room; in fact it was great because there was zero line. I bravely tried out the Pirates of the Caribbean; the two drops scared me! And I checked out the queuing areas of Star Tours and the Haunted Mansion but didn't go on the rides. The rain was nothing that a hot cocoa break after Winnie the Pooh didn't resolve. My favorite part? "All!"

I didn't want to leave. See more pictures of the trip here.

(above photo: reaching for the snow on Main Street after the fireworks)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A note from my teacher

"Isabella is doing such a great job on her 300 board. Good job, Issy!"