Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Almost famous

Hey, this is something you don't see very often - me and my whole family featured in a magazine! Too bad I don't read Japanese...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bizarre Love Triangle

The teachers only had nice things to say about me at today's parent conference. They said that I'm doing very well, and have really come out of my shell socially. I have become proactive about talking to my teachers when I need help with my activities or resolving an issue. I like to help other kids and "teach" them. People always report that I am so well behaved and good. (They always look at my parents funny when they ask if there are any disciplinary issues.) I am not the kid who, for example, ignores the teacher and pushes others when there is a cooking activity. My parents wonder whether I'm proactive enough but other grownups like seeing me stand back and wait respectfully until it is my turn.

On the numbers side, I'm working on simple addition; for letters, I am doing "dk" sounds in the blue scheme. My favorite is the pink geometric tower activity. I prefer to do my numbers more than my letters. Sometimes I feel that writing out all of the numbers is too much, but I generally do what I'm told.

The biggest surprise for my parents was when they learned that there are boys who have been fighting to play with me. A few times, I was playing with Zion, when George wanted to play with me. Well the two boys started arguing who I was going to play with! The teachers had to mediate, and asked me who I wanted to play with, and of course I picked George. I said "I marry George!" My parents figure that kids like to play with me because I like to follow others and am a devoted yes man. Just call me Smithers.