Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here are my favorite videos that we have uploaded for your viewing enjoyment. Or feel free to peruse through the list uploaded online.

Sliding - Isabella (3 years 11 months) helps Sebastian (15 months) on the slide

Izzy Guitar Concert - we filmed several footages of Isabella at 3 3/4 jamming on Jaden's guitar, but this is my favorite

Play Ball! - Sebastian at 1 year amuses himself for a long time with this ball

Kiss - Isabella at 3 1/2 showing off her dance moves

First Ballet Class - Isabella at 3 years 5 months joining the ballet class for the first time

Dancing with Myself - Isabella at 2 years 4 months singing to herself in the mirror

New Guitar - Isabella at 2 years 4 months serenading us with her new guitar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; the video is pretty long - my favorite part starts around 10:00

Teacher - Isabella at 2 years 4 months teaching "baby" how to play piano

Telephone - Isabella at 26 months on the telephone at Portland airport

Playing in NYC - Isabella at 23 months goofing around with Rich after a wedding in our New York City hotel room

"Peesch" - Isabella at 21 months enjoys her first ride in Daddy's new Porsche

Crib Fun - Isabella at 19 months having fun by herself in her crib

Walking - at 14 months, Isabella came home from a birthday party and started walking!