Saturday, February 17, 2007

This is supposed to be fun?

A friend invited us on a private prop plane ride to Camarillo, so Daddy thought it would be a fun excursion since I love airplanes and airports. I was thrilled about the day, excitedly packing my suitcase and donning my shades. Unfortunately, the wind made the flight takeoff too turbulent! It felt like a roller coaster! I was terrified, and insisted on sitting on Daddy's lap. Later, when it was time to reboard the plane to return home, I screamed bloody murder. I shrieked, "I don't wanna go on airplane!! I wanna walk home!!" Daddy offered movies, chocolate, anything, and I didn't stop screaming. For a very fleeting moment Daddy considered renting a car and driving the 7 hours home. Ultimately, Daddy dragged me back aboard the plane kicking and screaming. Negotiations over.

Daddy tried to buckle me in my seat, but I wiggled out of the lap belt and leaped into his lap, insisting on sitting there through taxi & takeoff. I squirmed, kicked, and SCREAMED: "I don't wanna go up up up." "I'm scared." I said I wanted to poop, which I throw out as the nuclear option when I want out of a situation. Once at cruising, I did #1, not #2. Then I calmed down to watch a movie on DVD.

I got nervous as the plane descended and eventually reverted back to a scream. But the air was more stable, so I was OK upon entering the taxiway. I even gave the pilot a high-five upon deplaning.

And what did I say after all that, as I walked to our car? "I wanna ride the airplane again." My Daddy's thinking in his head: "Sheesh." Everyone is just hoping that I don't develop an airplane phobia as a result of this experience.

See pics here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Teacher's note

Today my teacher gave this note to my parents: "Isabella is a fantastic helper! Everytime when she sees that one of her friends need help putting away an activity, she's always there to help!"

My parents are especially impressed by this because I never put away anything at home. Apparently I am quite a perfectionist at school when it comes to putting things away in just the right order. My parents are decided to start using this to their advantage...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Our own Old Faithful show

There is a remote next to the toilet in our bathroom that I've always been curious about. But I can't reach it when I'm on the can, and when I press it while standing, nothing happens. Today when my friend was over for a playdate, we ran to the bathroom to tinkle together. While I was sitting on the toilet, my friend starting pressing the remote's buttons. Well, we did not realize that the toilet seat only works when someone is on it. Boy, were we surprised when water started shooting out of the toilet!! We were both giggling hysterically! The walls on the bathroom got all wet, the toilet got all wet, I got all wet, the floor got all wet. Wow, what a funny trick!!!! I've got to try to do that again! Hahahaha!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

...a high five to a friend and then we'll make music together again....

After music class, kids always gather around the teacher to give him a high five, and I've always refused. Well, after two years of taking this music class, I went up to my teacher today and gave him a high five! The teacher was stunned! He looked at Mommy and exclaimed, "It's my first high five from Isabella!!" Mommy was so shocked too, but mostly she was completely thrilled for me!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Who cares if my prince will come?

My parents thought that I was a pretty "butch" girl, since I loved Thomas the Tank Engine, could identify all makes of cars (I shocked Daddy when I could distinguish between a new and old model Prius), and seemed pretty disinterested in dresses. Well, my parents spoke too soon! I am officially immersed in the princess phase, and love all things princess. (Well, my favorite princess is Cinderella and all the other ones I tolerate for now.) My parents believe that it is an influence from preschool since they never mentioned them before. Whatever the source, I enjoy pretending to be Cinderella, dancing with "Prince Daddy", and then running screaming away from him while dropping my slipper. But I still like playing with cars and watching trains, so my parents think I'm pretty balanced nonetheless.

In my version of the story, Cinderella and the Prince drive off in a 1973 1/2 Porsche!