Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Building my vocabulary

I'm 21 months (21 lbs 5 oz) and I know so many words now! I understand much more than I speak, but I keep learning by repeating everything that I hear. I shocked Mommy when I even repeated the "f word" ... twice! Mommy was so horrified that she has vowed to clean up her mouth. Daddy has also peppered my vocabulary with fun words. I squeal "peesh!" (Porsche) everytime I enter our garage or see a convertible. I can never get enough of riding in that car as you can see in this video of me in the car:

I've also been pointing at my parent's, stuffed animals' and my chests and saying "booby" (i.e. breasts). For now everyone thinks it's adorable.

The two "Izzyisms" that I say all the time are:
nehmunehmunuh - give it to me!!! it's mine! i want to do this myself!
me me - hold this for me

Besides learning words, I've been busy being sick this past month. First I had such a high fever that the doctor tried to stick a catheter in me (I cried when she just said the word "catheter"; see, I understand a LOT!) and freaked out Mommy with talk of x-rays and blood tests too. I got better without those but a couple of weeks later I caught a stomach flu. I was vomiting all over myself and Mommy and getting a painful diaper rash from my diarrhea! I learned to run away from Mommy and hide in the corner since she always seemed to be chasing me with medicine of one kind or another!

I'm all better now. I started going to school three (instead of two) days a week in Sepember, still 6 hours each day. It's going well, although many of my friends "graduated" to the regular preschool and a lot of new kids started so I'm getting to know them. Can you believe that I am one of the older kids now? Time goes by fast!