Wednesday, January 31, 2007

3 year old developments

I regressed in my toilet training after my Disneyland trip, since my incentive was gone. After a handful of accidents which grossed my parents out (usually occuring while I'm having a temper tantrum), my parents kept me in pullups at night and naptime, and reinstalled some lesser incentives. Well, I have not had an "accident" for several weeks now and even passed the "holding it during a long road trip" test. This gave my parents sufficient confidence to graduate me to underwear at night too, so I am 100% in underwear now! Woo hoo!

I am finally tall enough (36") to ride the kiddy car rides that I've been lusting after at the zoo! I wasn't even phased that Mommy couldn't ride with me; I just grabbed a ticket and dashed into a car. Think I could handle the Matterhorn now? (its height requirement is only 36"!)

I have quite an active imagination, and get annoyed when Mommy messes up my creative play. She may see a pile of books in a water pail to clean up, but I tell Mommy "no no no, those are gardens."

I don't really need that nap, do I?? My napping has gone all over the place these days. If I take a nap, that night's bedtime becomes a disaster, with me unable to fall asleep until past 10 pm and asking for the following as a stall tactic: water, tissue, band-aid, hair dryer, Daddy save me, itchy, stuffy nose, what's that noisy [noise]?, garbage, purple light, or any other numerous questions. Days when I don't nap I am out like a light by 8-8:30. The interesting thing is that I can deal with staying up all day and not be cranky! You would think that my parents would just nix my nap, right? The problem is I would fall asleep if I'm in the car or having "quiet time" in my room, sleeping past 5 pm, so I'm in this transitional phase where I can fight sleep but probably still need the sleep.

Hey, the coolest thing about being 3 is I'm no longer a toddler; I'm a kid!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's all Chinese to me

Today was my first day in my Oakland Chinese class. At first, I was not only unnerved by the new situation and people, but also by not understanding what people were saying. We sang several of my favorite songs in Chinese like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but I buried my head in Mommy's shoulder. The teacher encouraged all the kids to repeat words, and I almost started crying until the teacher took the pressure off me and stopped asking me. But then we did some crafts to learn the names of body parts, and I started feeling much better. And, 老师 [laushi or teacher] gave us a Chinese music CD so now I really like the class, and always want to listen to the CD!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to you, Mommy

After almost a year of being a Daddy's girl, I've reverted back to wanting Mommy to do everything for me again. I told Mommy that I didn't want Daddy helping me in the bathroom because "he is allergic"! But Mommy believes it is more manageable than before since not every moment requires her: I love being with Daddy, can play with other kids, like doing some things myself. And, I can negotiate more Mommy time so we both get something we want. For example, I can barter a seat on Mommy's lap at dinnertime if I eat more vegetables; and I can be amenable to Daddy giving me a bath, if Mommy agrees to read extra books to me at bedtime.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New boss in town

We celebrated Daddy's last work day by visiting his office. He may think he's taking a break, but I'm the toughest boss he's ever seen. Buh-hwa-hahahaha!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm 3!

I'm 3! (That makes me a kid who can officially handle small parts!) Since I can communicate now, my parents asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I never liked big parties. So I requested "only 2" on my birthday, i.e. only Mommy and Daddy, and no party at school. Then I changed my mind and said "only Kenzo". I told my parents that we would sing happy birthday and Kenzo would cry. We had my favorite food - Mexican rice & beans - for dinner, and chocolate cupcakes. Everyone sang happy birthday very quietly, and guess what - no one cried! It was nice and low key, and that made it a very good birthday.

Oh, and at my 3 year check up, I weighed in at 25.5 pounds, and 35.5 inches tall. I am up percentages for weight, but down for height but both are still relatively low like in the 10th percentile....