Thursday, February 23, 2006

No way, bye bye, Mommy Do!!

I'm 2, and that means that I'm entitled to be terrible! I figured that I might as well take full advantage of this Terrible Two reputation, since everyone expects me to be demanding anyway. I generally am sweet, but there are days that I wake up and I'm on the rag! I don't want anyone to do anything for me except for Mommy, and I insist that "Mommy Do!" I shoo other people away by saying "No way, no way! Bye Bye!" I always want to hold Mommy's hand while I do something, sit on her lap, have Mommy carry me, or have her near me. Sometimes it is unacceptable just to have other people in the room; I want her all to myself!! But then when I'm with Mommy, I try to bend her to my will. If Mommy says walk left, I insist on walking right, and if Mommy says let's walk, I whine to be held. Mommy ignores me whenever I am like this, and that REALLY pisses me off so I scream more and louder. I am the captain! You will obey my orders!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm going to have a sibling!

I'm going to be an older sister! I'll get to meet the new baby around August 14, so we'll be a little over 2.5 years apart. When Mommy told me she was having a baby, I picked up my baby doll and placed it against her stomach. I'm pretty excited because I love taking care of my baby doll and stuffed animals. I don't yet realize that will translate to much less attention from my parents.

This is the ultrasound when the baby was around 13 weeks old. Do you think we'll look alike?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Second night without parents

I spent my second night without either of my parents, while being babysat by Pawpaw (Mommy’s Mommy) and Yee-ma (Mommy’s sister Aunt Helen). I was very brave, didn’t cry too much and I think did very well! I even woke up in the morning calling out for “Pawpaw! Pawpaw!” instead of my parents. I have been avoiding Pawpaw recently, but with Mommy gone, I was glued to her like I usually am with Mommy. I did have a few rough episodes. For example, reading on Mommy's lap is my favorite activity, so I cried upon reading the last page of the “Runaway Bunny” because it reminded me of Mommy. But I understand a great deal these days, including Daddy’s story of the sequence of events. He told me that they would be back tomorrow, so I went to bed smoothly. I also remembered that Daddy promised they’d be back after my nap on the second day. When I awoke after that nap, I called out “Mommy? Daddy?” but they weren’t there (apparently their flight was delayed)! I screamed and grabbed Mommy’s fleece for a security object and insisted on going outside to wait. My parents did show up eventually as they promised, and I was so thrilled!

But you know, it really isn’t so bad when my parents are away. I figured out that many babysitters are reluctant to make me cry, so when I scream that I want junk food, they give in. So I helped myself to all sorts of snacks that Mommy generally limits: pretzels, Pong Pong, multiple bowls of sugary oatmeal, etc. (Mommy prefers that I eat my meals – poo poo!) Plus, I got cool goodies when my parents came home: a cupcake from Daddy and a new airplane toy from Mommy. So, them going away isn’t too shabby!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


We rented a house along Poipu Beach in Kauai with our friends Kenzo, Rowen, their parents (Josh, Denise, Roehl & Shannon) and Auntie Kate. What a great time! I loved the house, and instantly started running around, playing with all the light switches, pulling down art pieces, and playing with everyone on the trip (which happily surprised my parents). Our house was right on the beach, so I woke up to the ocean everyday, and its waves drowned out the sound of the grownups guffawing when I was sleeping.

There are so many aspects of the trip that I loved. I loved sharing a bedroom with my parents. Every morning I would wake up, see them, and call “Mommy! Daddy!” They would pretend they were asleep, so then I would call out for our friends “Josh! Denise!” instead. That generally made my parents laugh, so they would pull me between them in bed for a family snuggle or I would otherwise play with their faces.

My favorite activity while in Hawaii was climbing out of the Pack & Play crib. The first day it happened, Mommy put me down for a nap and 2 minutes later she heard me knocking on the bedroom door to get out! She had a look of dread in her eyes when she walked in to see me standing in front of her. She put me back in the crib, but I climbed out repeatedly, so she stayed in the room and pretended to sleep to entice me to do the same. I kept climbing out, and she kept putting me back in, until all of her pretend sleep made her doze off! But I continued playing and even took off my diaper. So when Mommy ultimately awoke, she found me asleep, commando, with legs wide open, airing out my womanly parts! What a sight!

I didn’t like the water this time, and barely entered it. It was too cold, and the waves freaked me out, even though we went to the “Baby Beach” where the water was as calm as a lake. Instead, I made my parents carry me and walk into the ocean so I could live vicariously through them. I did enjoy making sand “habeebee” (birthday cakes) and playing with the water faucet.

BTW, shaved ice and spam musubi rock!

Finally, I’ve become such a seasoned traveler that I did exceptionally well on the airplane on the way home. I didn’t even watch that much of the DVDs; I preferred reading all my books and playing with Daddy’s watch instead. My parents were so proud of me! I can’t wait for our next chance to ride “airplane!”.

See more pictures from the trip here.