Sunday, September 16, 2007

First sibling fights

Now that my brother is more interactive, we have more fun together! I pretend he is a monster and scream scrambling away from him while he crawls after me giggling. I play catch with him (or rather, I throw the ball and I pounce on the ball before he can get to it). Most of the time, he's like a pet, and I laugh at him or protect him (usually from stairs). But now that he is more mobile, he also gets on my nerves sometimes! Before he used to be so easy; all I had to do was wave another toy at him and he'd drop whatever he was doing. Nowadays, he is becoming particular in what he wants and protests if he doesn't get it! So he has been crawling up to me and grabbing things away from me, and messing up what I've been playing with. I get so annoyed!!! Sometimes he is halfway across the room staring innocently, and I am freaking out about him grabbing my things! I don't like that I have to share all of my toys which used to be all mine. I put stuff in high places, and hoard things so there is nothing left for him to play with. I've never been interested in balls, but now that they are Sebastian's favorite toy, I suddenly NEED to play with and have all of them! So my parents have been mediating our "fights", and not necessarily in my favor any more! Hey, it's not fair because they make me share, but Sebastian doesn't know how to reciprocate! I don't mind having Sebastian around, but everyone's gotta learn that this house revolves around ME!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Why is "why" my favorite question these days? Why am I 3 3/4?

I go through the same routine every evening. Dinner is at 5:45/6. I eat half my meal and then get off my chair and play. My parents continually encourage me to finish my dinner. I play more. They ignore me. Then around 7:30 when my parents tell me it is time to wash and go to bed, I say I want a treat. My parents tell me I can't have a treat unless I finish my dinner. I whine for about 10 minutes, after which, my parents feed me the dinner that I need to finish. Then I get my treat. After my treat, I ask for a 2nd helping. My parents refuse. I tell my parents that I want fruit. They cut me fruit. I play "popsicle" with my fruit by spinning the plate around in a circle, and forking the fruit and eating it with a big smile. After being asked for the gajillionith time if I'm done, I go up to wash. My parents are rolling their eyes through this entire process.

I like helping give Sebastian a bath and I've made washing his hair my job. He is fun to play with. But he grabs, doesn't know how to take turns, and gets really upset if I take things away from him! I get so frustrated sometimes! But overall I love him so much and always want to kiss, hug and touch him. Sometimes too much though; Sebastian waves me away and gets annoyed!

I want my own way. Sometimes I act difficult just to be difficult, to show everyone that I'm boss. When I say that I want something, and my parents refuse, I whine "...but I do want it..." My parents get especially annoyed when I say this while doing the whiny whole body shaking dance. They usually ignore me which makes me belligerent. When I want to infuriate my parents, I answer "dickey dickey" to whatever they say when they're trying to talk to me. That's a fast road to a timeout.

I only like to be compared when I'm winning, or if I can be just like another kid. I have this intense desire to be just like my friends. I am always repeating my friend, saying "I xxx, too!" or "I xxx just like you!" or "My xxx is bigger than yours." I like to win all the time and am a SORE loser.

I always want to be the prince and don't like to wear flowery or shiny things because they're "too pretty". I get annoyed whenever Mommy tries to put me in something cute. I have three favorite t-shirts that I wear all the time - race car, cupcake and Oski bear.

Despite all of my ridiculousness, my parents think I'm the most adorable, if not most infuriating, thing. My needs are so simple. When I saw a fountain, I told Daddy that I wanted to make a wish. When he asked me what I wished for I said sweetly, "Ice cream."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My first boyfriend

There is a boy at school named George that I really like. I have to copy everything that he does: if George has dino-chicken for lunch, I have to have dino-chicken. If George wears shorts, I must wear shorts. If I wake up to learn it's not a school day, I ask, "What is George doing?" I am completely enamored with him and follow him around everywhere. Whenever another kid asks me to play with them, I often look to George to see what he wants to do. If someone hurts George, I get so indignant! Ironically, this is the same boy that a year ago bullied me because I was small. I guess I like "bad" boys.

I think George likes me too. The first time I went to his house for a playdate, he got so excited that he pee'd in his pants. The other day on a zoo playdate, George said "Izzy's my friend! I marry her!" Later, when Mommy was explaining how sometimes people change their last names after they get married, I exclaimed, "If I marry George, I'll be Isabella M. (George's last name)!" Today, George shyly asked me to sleep over at his house! Both sets of parents think this is all very cute, even if my Daddy joked that he'd supervise any sleepover with rifle in hand...

I.C. (hearts) G.M.!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yet another car show

This is my second car show in 3 weeks! But this one was particularly fun because I got to be in a renegade car parade. Afterwards, I couldn't stop playing pretend race car. As you can see, Daddy is trying hard to counterprogram against all the princess stuff.

This picture shows my reaction after the announcer says "Gentlemen, start your engines!". Too loud!!