Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nerdiest preschooler in history?

Yes, but that probably makes me cool in 21st century Bay Area! I figured out how to use the camera function and play music on this iPhone all by myself!

Mommy was surprised to receive this SMS message from me too!

Like father like daughter...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life of a 3 1/2 year old

I adore my baby brother. Now that he is more interactive, we make each other laugh. Well, actually, I make him laugh by just being me, and his laughing is contagious! I always want to play with him, eat whatever breakfast he's having, or stay in sleepy clothes if he is. I am very protective, and start panicking when he is crawling near a step. I like carrying him around, even if I'm pretty rough. But he giggles when we both fall so I know he likes it!

He is nice to hug, kiss and cuddle with too.

At 3 1/2, my favorite game is still pretend everything. I recruit my entire family so everyone gets in on the fun. Currently, I like being the prince, while I make Mommy be Sleeping Beauty and Sebastian be Cinderella. I kiss Sleeping Beauty Mommy; I bow upon meeting Sebastian Cinderella and we dance. In both stories, we always ride the carriage to the castle, get married, kiss and live happily ever after.

I love weddings and the concept of getting married. I tell Mommy all the time that I will marry her. And Sebastian.

I like being physical too. Daddy and I play "circus" where I climb Daddy and stand on his shoulders. Or, I balance on his feet and stand with just one leg and one hand. Perhaps I have a future career with Cirque du Soleil.

While Daddy has become my best friend, I think it's funny to be mean to him too. For example, I would hand out a treat/toys to Mommy and Sebastian but not give him any, or give everyone nice stamps but give him the mean one. He is always laughing at my silliness.

I still dislike most foods that are green because "it's a veggie". Even if it is a speck of an herb, I feel that my food has been contaminated. There are a few vegetables I do like however. One that surprises my parents is how much I like radicchio and red cabbage. It is purple, and purple is my favorite color. I dip it in yuzu dressing, and it is delicious! I eat a whole plate of this salad.

I am about 27 pounds now, still svelte, but hey my build looks just right for my ballet dress.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Moving on

I've been working very hard counting 1 to 10 with the number rods at school. I finally completed them and moved on to the spindle box! Then I zipped through the spindle box just like that. Only one week later, I'm now onto the counting box.

Turn off this switch!

Who turned the bitch switch on? The week after I turned 3 1/2, I decided to turn extremely particular. If I don't get exactly what I want, when I want it, I become testy, foul and scream bloody murder at the top of my lungs! My parents are so lame sometimes and can't get anything right. I need the exact bowl I have in mind, a particular meal from a certain restaurant, to have the snack I want without telling you what it is. And I want all these things NOW; I cannot tolerate waiting even one minute. My parents' patience is wearing thin on my rock star demands. They believe I have confused them for the Four Seasons! I must really be pushing their buttons. They have ignored my screaming for over an hour, ejected me from a restaurant, denied me all sorts of privileges, even let me pee in my pants! It is so irritating that screaming isn't getting me what I want! I get so infuriated that it makes me scream even more! I am going to keep testing them. Whose will do you think will persevere - theirs or mine?

Friends always say that I seem like such an easy, well behaved and obedient girl. Boy, they really don't know me, do they??

Note: Things are returning peaceful again 2 weeks later.