Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

I enjoy my first Easter egg hunt. Well, in reality it was more an Easter egg "throw" than hunt.

See more pictures from Easter here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

See me, for I am independent

I’m 14 1/2 months old now! Walking has given me a new sense of independence and adventure, and I actively squirm out of my Mom’s arms to walk around. I hobble away without even looking back. Now my Mom is really getting some exercise as she chases me around! I always laugh to myself as I go exploring this whole new world, whether it’s all over Emery Bay Market, the long hallways at Kaiser Hospital or the playground. I am just so pleased with myself! One of my favorite walking games is chasing people around our kitchen island.

(Photo courtesy of Uncle Josh, Kenzo's dad)

I am becoming more like a little person and showing my personality. I giggle and laugh with glee when I am having a good time. I have many favorite activities. I love music so I always grab the stereo remote and have my parents turn on the stereo. When the music is playing, I smile really big, and sway side to side with my arms up, index fingers pointed. (I love my Music Together CD; but I also enjoy R&B music - I've got rhythm!) I also play Tupperware and throw them all on the floor, fit them together, and put them back in the drawer. My overall favorite activity is reading. I enjoy flipping through all the pages in my books, and having my parents read them to me. (Go here for a list of some of my favorites.)

I say “up!” all the time and say this even if I really mean I want to go down. Nowadays my Mom and I banter: I say “up” as I climb up the stairs, and she says “come down”! We go back and forth on this quite a lot. I shake my head or say “neh neh neh” when I am protesting (esp. being taking away from my Mommy, diaper changes, the list goes on…)

Outside my home, I am a little more reserved and cling to my Mommy. I have been described by others as highly sensitive, feisty, strong-willed, active, introverted. People may say those things, but I’d like to think that I’m smart because I recognize that I’m in a different place or am meeting somebody new. I like to discern and survey the scene before diving in. It takes me about 30-60 minutes to observe a new place or people before I conclude that it's safe to explore. I feel better when it is a room with other kids than adults; otherwise, I might hold on to my Mommy with one hand while I play with a toy with the other hand. I have dubbed her "my Mongolian guide". I may let go, but I generally stay in her immediate perimeter... just in case I need to run to her for security. After enough time, I will eventually go out and explore on my own and – if you can believe it - even forget about my Mom!

I am quite a picky eater these days. My old favorites like chicken rice porridge are so boring. I like to eat adult food full of flavor and prefer if my parents feed me with a real silver utensil, not those plastic baby ones. I’m quite delighted every time they let me feed myself, but I usually get food all over my face, hair, mom, floor, window, etc. Nowadays I self-serve with bite sized foods put in front of me. I eat those things I like and what I don't like I toss on the floor.

I am just getting over yet another illness. I’ve been sick probably 6 out of the last 8 weeks. I was a mess from this last bout. I caught a respiratory infection (aka clinical pneumonia - yuk) and was running a 103.5 fever, coughing, with a runny nose and labored breathing. Luckily I didn’t have to breathe out of a bronchodilator like when I had RSV (I hated this because my Mom had to sit on top of me and pin me down to get me to inhale) This time, my antibiotic (Amoxicillin) tasted like bubble gum so I gladly drank it. Anyway, I caught a stomach flu at the same time, which gave me diarrhea and a minor diaper rash. See, wasn’t I a mess?? (and yes, I'm sure it is unrelated to the fact that my Daddy babysat me for the 1 1/2 days prior to me getting sick) As a result of my illnesses, I lost weight. At my appointment today, I weighed in at 16 pounds 12.2 ounces, still in the <3 percentile but steady. I am 29 ¼ inches tall (25%) and have a 17 inch head circumference.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Check out my new shoes!

I am exclusively walking now so I wore my first pair of new shoes outside for the first time. I love walking because I get to explore on my own – just think of it: anywhere I want without waiting to be carried around any more! What independence!! I walked full circle around my house today: out the front gate through the side gate, down to the garden, back into the house and back up to the front door! I see myself doing this a lot in the future!

Look at me - I walk away without even looking back! Far right photo: Here's our family, represented by shoes.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I love walking!