Monday, March 02, 2009

Secret's out

My teachers gave my parents this note today: "Isabella loves to help around the classroom. Every afternoon, she goes around the classroom and looks to see if all the activities are on the right shelf. And if they are not, she helps fix them and is very proud of herself when she is done. :-)"

When my parents read this to me, I looked at them and said "That's not true!" I can't believe that my teachers wrote this! Now I'm going to be expected to clean up at home! I hate cleaning up at home! @#$%&!

Later, I admitted to Mommy that the note was true, and the reason why I didn't like cleaning up at home was because I didn't know where to put things away. Mommy has taken that as a cue to more aggressively donate my toys. Double @#$%&!