Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cinderella was home!

I really enjoyed Tokyo Disneyland, my second trip to a Disney park. I was especially happy to visit Cinderella's castle and find her home (I especially liked meeting the prince), after my previous disappointment at the Anaheim castle! I wanted to watch the Lilo & Stitch parade repeatedly (I had no idea who they were, but I never saw a parade before so it was cool), and when Cinderella's dress lit up in the Electrical Parade, my eyes popped in awe. I actually seemed to enjoy some of the rides this time. I got a princess phone with a "It's a Small World" ringer before coming, so my parents only had themselves to blame for me already singing it repeatedly before riding it. Autopia was a highlight because I got to race cars even though I technically wasn't supposed to drive. But in the end, I really liked Tom Sawyer's Island, even if it was just like one big playground!

To the right - I learned how to say "cheese" the Japanese way after seeing enough local tourists do this.

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