Thursday, June 26, 2008

I could watch them watch this all day 

We stopped over in New York City for a week to break up the long flight to Italy, a good excuse (like we need one!) to visit old friends. We had playdates with many friends with kids, visited others with new babies, laughed with old buddies, and of course ate lots of great food. The kids' favorite part was probably looking out from this window at all of the activity going around outside!

The summer fun that we had while in New York City:

- Madison Square Park has a music performance for kids every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 am during the summer
- Central Park's Heckscher Playground has an outstanding water park: an ankle deep walkway for the more timid to splash their feet, to a huge fountain where you can take a "shower"; Central Park Zoo is just the right size to provide variety to your day at Central Park
- Children's Museum of Manhattan is a fun place to duck inside from rain or oppressive heat. The "fire department" with dressup and fire engine were the best!
- Toys R Us Ferris Wheel - beware of all the toys your kids will want to buy when eyeing them from the ferris wheel
- Liberty Island - Isabella loved everything about this excursion, the ferry ride, the island, the ice cream...
- Brooklyn Heights Promenade - gorgeous walk you see in all the movies

We had some great meals from:
- Penang - we had this Malaysian delivered twice because it was so good
- Menchankotei - excellent ramen, very authentic
- Katsuhama - excellent tonkatsu from the same owners as Menchankotei with kurobuta (black pork) which we thought we could only find in Japan
- Queen of Sheba - had to have Ethiopian while Rich babysat the kids!
- Carnegie Deli - hugemongo sandwich, half the size of your head; they delivered!
- Brasserie Cognac - went with B-school buddies
- Bouchon Bakery - great pastries!
- 2nd Avenue Deli - my old favorite, reopened at a new location at 162 E33rd street (between Lex & 3rd Ave)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Right turn on red? 

Whenever we travel, we always wonder whether it's legal to turn right on a red light. I just found this great site that summarizes it all!


Right turn on red - OK in all U.S. states, except New York City

No left turn on red from a one-way into a one-way road
- New York City, New Jersey, D.C., Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Missouri, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Dakota

Left turn on red from a two-way into a one-way road ONLY - Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Michigan

SELECTED INTL (see above site for the rest)
Canada - ROTR OK, left turn on red from 2-way to 1-way road OK (British Columbia)
European Union - no turns on red
Japan - no turns on red
Mexico - no turns on red