Sunday, May 27, 2007

New York with two kids 

Pretending to live in New York with two kids was so different from living here during my b-school days! But it was fun in a whole new way. OK, so no lichee martinis, late night dinners at the newest restaurant or clubbing 'til 5 am. We didn't set foot in Century 21 or Soho; the only shopping I did was a 30 minute dash through Time Warner Center to buy hot weather clothes for myself and the girl. But we got to see New York City through their eyes and enjoy its slower side which - you know - is pretty cool too.

I describe some of the family activities we enjoyed, with the 3 precious hours of productive time we had between naps and meals, in Isabella's blog.

(We're pictured above at the Bryant Park carousel on my solo excursion with both kids )

Since most of our usual activity was out, the point of the trip was to hang out with old friends and eat. Here are some of the places we ate at or ordered in from on this trip:

Chola - kofta was yum
Angelo's - delicious everything esp. pizza close to our apartment
Our Place - dim sum; super nice staff; very accomodating to our big group with kids
Wu Liang Ye - conch good
Sarge's Deli - excellent Jewish deli
Soto - Jeannie so kindly babysat and arranged for us to try this place for our only adult only time on the trip
Haru - sushi we ordered in

...yes, like at home we bought in most of our meals. But food and selection are so much better in New York City, and everyone delivers!