Monday, September 20, 1999

Top Group 1 isms 

One of the challenges all business school students have to deal with is working in teams with people that they might not otherwise choose to deal with. True, that's realistic because that's the way the business world is, but sometimes in business school people are not on the same page, have the same backgrounds, or provide the same level of professionalism, and things get frustrating. First semester, I was in a group with Vadim, Carol Wang, Pinar and Max. Max drove us all nuts because he wanted to overanalyze everything and rewrite every sentence together (but he was so annoying that it became hysterical). Pinar we thought was always kind of daydreaming. Carol was the stable one who was logical. Vadim was always funny and cracked us up all the time. We spent an inordinate amount of time together that first semester, and the most random things cracked us up. Here are the Top comments often heard in our team meetings. (For most readers, these will be a "had to be there".)

1) This deserves a fuckin' F! - Vadim
2) Shut your fuckin' face, uncle fucker! - ?
3) Don't fall in love (or any line from "Space Balls" movie) - Vadim (he sang the line "don't fall in love" for our Copacobana rendition at Orientation)
4) Pinar, get back on the clock and off the cloud! - Carol
5) Good grief! - all of us, said about Max
6) Wait, you guys all agree, I disagree - Max
7) Robinson was a complete fuck up!
8) bolism (?)
9) Moreover,... - repeated over and over again in all our papers
10) It's in there!!! It's in the research! - Max
11) I want to write out the bullets word by word - Max
12) I'm going to give you a penalty point!
13) oh no wait... - Max