Sunday, October 21, 2001

Lessons from Donna Dubinsky 

Here are my friend Anne's notes from a speech that Donna Dubinsky of Handspring gave during her keynote address at the Haas Women In Leadership conference.

1) incumbency can be a disadvantage
2) partners are not the panecea
3) great products matter
4) challenge conventional wisdom
5) never too much VC money (save forrainy day)

1) it takes a team
2) strategies don't move mountains, bulldozers do ( great implementation is key)
3) know the difference between being smart and being lucky
4) aim for a win win outcome
5) ignore sunk costs

1) keep some " go to hell" money (financial independence so you can quit if you disagree)
2) everyone shows up again (treat all with respect)
3) get a life
4) wealth is worth sharing
5) integrity is #1