Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toddler personality coming through

I am learning all the important stuff from my sister! How to cling to Momma so she will be overridden by guilt, how to stomp my foot when I say "No!", how to run away from my parents chasing me to change my diaper...

(photo taken by Penny in June 2008)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Every little boy's dream vacation

Excavators! Skip Loaders! Dump trucks! If only every hotel had a construction site like this right outside their window!!

I seemed particularly one track minded on construction trucks and trains on this trip. My Mom realized that I'm truly XY.

More details to follow. Pictures from our Hawaii vacation here.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Preschool Teacher Conference

My teachers only had positive things to say during my first teacher conference in the preschool today. They said that I was a nice addition to the classroom. I am very affectionate: I walk up to my teachers to hug their leg, or give them a hug while they are changing me. I am very much a boy... the first thing I grab when I enter the classroom is a puzzle with motor vehicles on it. My next favorite thing is a dump truck. I enjoy the practical life activities like taking off the doll's clothes. I haven't started any of my letters yet... one because I just transitioned into the classroom, second because I don't say any words right now! I get along well with the other kids, especially Isabella's friends that I already know so well. A few of the older kids have been taking me under their wing, almost like I'm a pet. My sister reports to my Mom that the kids all like me because I'm so sweet. I'm glad that my sister is in the same room, but I'm pretty independent and have my own activities that I focus on. I'm loving it in the preschool. And although I love story time and the routine of the Infant/Toddler classroom, I got upset during transition whenever they brought me back to the Infant/Toddler classroom. I'm fitting right in with the big kids!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Speech therapy assessment

My Mom took me to a speech assessment today. It was like a fun playdate! Despite the fact that the room had 4 adult strangers, I quickly warmed up to the room because there was a picture of a train on the wall. We played ball, puzzles (one had a really cool tractor!), identified things in pictures. I frequently paused what I was doing to turn around, point to the picture of the train, and exclaim, "Doh doh!" (my way of saying "choo choo train"). We did some activities which I love like filling and pouring, fitting rods into holes, fitting puzzle pieces, drawing lines. When the lady blew bubbles at me, the bubbles were fine, but on the bubble bottle was this small yellow dump truck that I had to point out! Definitely nothing wrong with my eyesight! When I was asked to make a block tower with 13 blocks, I stopped after the 9th one when I saw that the tower start wobbling. I knew it was going to fall! After much coaxing, they got me to put the 10th block on, but down it came tumbling! I knew it! The only thing that I didn't seem so keen on was the pretend play taking care of a teddy bear. Hello, please, that is girly! Can you give me a truck or car or something a little more interesting, please??!

The assessors determined that my problem solving skills are higher than my age, at a 27 to 30 month level. But for expressive language, I am talking at about a 14 to 18 month level! They recommended early intervention through six months of weekly 45 minute speech therapy sessions. They claimed that waiting too long would risk a developmental delay. Kids often act out their frustration from delays in aggression. I hope that this helps me express myself better! Meanwhile, I enjoy saying new words like "backpack" (I like walking around wearing Dora's backpack) and jibber jabbering away. My parents are enjoying my toddler talking phase and are cherishing it as long as they can, because they know that it all changes so quickly and that they'll miss it.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I like running away and hiding under the table! Often my sister is my partner in crime.

Transition finished

I officially finished my transition to the preschool. I don't know why it was so slow and my Mom was so worried about it. I LOVE the preschool! I've got Isabella and all her friends who adore me and treat me like their little pet. I was so mad every time they took me back to the Infant / Toddler program! I want to be with the big kids!